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Pastor Mark's Pic

Pastor Mark is a humble man of God and the very first pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Finland. He is the senior pastor of Hosanna Chapel For All Nations, an RCCG parish in Helsinki, where expectations become manifestations. Pastor Mark is married to Johanna Etie and they are blessed with two children.

For Pastor Mark, life is all about Jesus. He is also a well known prayer warrior and a devoted worshipper of God. He has a deep passion to see the outbreak of revival in Finland and he is committed to praying for the return of Finns to God. Pastor Mark is blessed with a prophetic anointing, and his messages mainly focus on the well-being of God's people and salvation for unbelievers. His desire to see people experience turning points that usher in a better life is pursued with his radical faith.

Pastor Mark preaches in different countries within the region and on the Finnish radio station 'Radio KSL' (100.3 MHZ) between 19:00 and 21:00 every Saturday. With God's inspiration and grace, he co-founded the international pastors' prayer meeting that focuses on praying for Finland, and holds on the last Thursday of every month. Pastor Mark has a deep passion and love for people, and cares about people regardless of their colour, age, nationality, and cultural background.

He believes in excellence, he is dynamic, and very enthusiastic about the work of God. The word of God stands as the final authority in his life. He has wisdom about marriage and relationships, and he helps people strengthen their marriages through prayer and counselling. He also helps people find their life partners through counsel and discernment. He is a well loved and experienced servant of God.
Join him at 12:00 noon every Sunday to worship God, the Great I AM, at SÖRNAISTEN RANTATIE 33D, HELSINKI.